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The Game

Beach netball is fun, intense and high speed, and takes on a more modern approach to the game. You don’t have to worry about the level at which you play at normally as it’s a game which can cater to all abilities. The ability to play on beaches brings in the enjoyment and holiday feeling as we will combine the event with live entertainment, music and camping. Netball being one of the fastest growing sports in the world will make beach netball an extremely popular sport for the future

The rules of beach netball have been tailored to keep the game fast paced and to encourage players of all levels to get involved.

Beach Netball

  • 6 Minute halves

  • 4 a side 

  • Players can move anywhere

  • 2 players allowed in the goal zone at once 

  • Unlimited subs

  • When possession is won, the ball must be caught in centre third before attacking 

  • During the game, the team which doesn't score takes the centre pass 

  • 3-second rule applies 

  • Score in goal zone = one point 

  • Score in 3 point zone = three points 

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